Interior Design

Tenant Improvement

We are a design-oriented architecture firm that provides excellence in custom architecture and design services for residential, commercial, retail, corporate and academic buildings, along with interior design and tenant improvement services.  Our design rigor combines with construction management experience to create a distinctive design process and end product that are intellectually and aesthetically rigorous as well as financially informed.  


Our design values are Modern: we focus on efficiency, logic, beauty, honest expression of materials, and clean lines and forms that allow space, light, materials, spatial relationships and its occupants to shine.





Sabrina Sky Boutique - Childrens Clothing Boutique

Laser Hair Clinic - Medical Spa

Lucido Fine Jewelry - Exterior Storefront Renovation

Livonia Medical Center - 52,00 sq.ft. Commercial Office Renovation

Mikas Greek - Restaurant

Brosenbrus Cafe - Restaurant

Meineke Car Care - Auto Shop

Relaxing Waters - Medical Spa






Meram Residence - 2950 sq.ft. custom home

Brickely Residence - 1350 sq.ft. interior renovation

Cheppa Residence - Kitchen/Bath renovation

Urmeev Residence - 2319 sq.ft custom home

Ackerman Residence - 3283 sq.ft. custom home

Lockwood Residence - 2474 sq.ft. custom home

Asmary Residence - 2600 sq.ft. custom home

Doyon Residence - 2250 sq.ft. renovation